The Aurora is a heavily modified YT-2000, owned and operated by the Sullustan and former bounty hunter, Snteil Seit. Snteil acquired the Aurora early in his career, but he generally kept it in its stock version with only a few modifications here and there when the credits allowed. At one point in his career, Snteil became a fairly well known and well sought after bounty hunter, which allowed him to charge outrageous prices for his services (although not as outlandish as Boba Fett’s charges).

Soon, Snteil began heavily modifying the Aurora. He got a good chance to do so, when he visited the new Jedi Academy at Yavin 4 and accidentally crashed the Aurora into the moon's jungles. During the restoration process, Han Solo and Chewbacca helped Snteil upgrade the Aurora. The ship already had fire-control computers for the quad lasers. But, Chewie upgraded the fire-control computer for the ion cannons, while Han helped Snteil install a blaster cannon with a highly precise fire-control computer in the undercarriage.

Other upgrades include a x.5 hyperdrive and a faster sublight engine. Stronger shields were installed, and two forward-facing concussion missile tubes capable of holding 8 missiles each were installed within the mandibles. Also, the whole interior hold has been modified to include two holding cells, personal quarters for Snteil, and luxury quarters for any passengers.

Ship's Deckplans

Aurora (heavily modified CEC YT-2000 Transport)

Class: Space transport Crew: 1 or 2 (Unique +18)
Size: Small (29.0 m long) Initiative: +9 (+1 size, +8 crew)
Hyperdrive: x0.5 (backup x10) Maneuver: +19 (+1 size, +18 crew)
Passengers: 6 Defense: 21 (+1 size, +10 armor)
Cargo Capacity: 130 metric tons Shield Points: 110 (DR 20)
Consumables: 2 months Hull Points: 200 (DR 20)
Cost: Not available for sale
Maximum Speed in Space: Ramming (10 squares/action)
Atmospheric Speed: 1,020 km/h (17 squares/action)

Weapon: Quad laser cannon (2 fire-linked); Fire Arc: Turret;
  Attack Bonus: +22/+20* (+1 size, +13 crew, +2 synergy, +6/+4* fire control);
  Damage: 6d10x2/7d10x2*; Range Modifiers: PB +0, S +0, M/L n/a

Weapon: Ion cannon (2 fire-linked); Fire Arc: Front;
  Attack Bonus: +20 (+1 size, +13 crew, +2 synergy, +4 fire control);
  Damage: 6d10x2; Range Modifiers: PB +0, S +0, M/L n/a

Weapon: Concussion missile launcher (2 fire-linked, 8 missiles each); Fire Arc: Front;
  Damage: 4d10x2; Missile Quality: Good (+15)

Weapon: Heavy repeating blaster rifle (retractable); Fire Arc: Turret;
  Attack Bonus: +24 (+1 size, +13 crew, +2 synergy, +8 fire control);
  Damage: 4d8; Range Increment: 30 meters

Other Systems: Escape Pods (2), Subspace Transceiver

* - These stats take effect when the turrets are locked forward and controlled from the cockpit.